Distance Research Card

  1. London to New york.

5,570.48 km

New York was going to originally be called New Amsterdam. 

New Yorkers speak over 800+ languages.

Honking your car horn is illegal (HONK HONK.) 


  1. Bluff to Cape Reinga

2,060.6 km

Cape Reinga means under world in Te Reo.

The pohutukawa tree in Cape Reinga is over 800 years old.

Dogs aren’t allowed in Cape Reinga.


  1. fiji to France

16,811 km

France is the most Visited country in the world.

France had a king… That only lasted 20 minutes.

The French eat over 25,000 tons of snails each year.

Plane as distance is like planes. You can use planes for distance.

Marco Polo

      Marco Polo

Marco Polo was a famous explorer, Venetian Merchant and a writer who travelled through Asia between 1271 and 1295.

  1. Marco Polo died in his house in Venice, January 8th 1324. As he was dying in his home, family, friends and fans of his book tried to get Polo to admit that his book was fiction and not real. However Polo wouldn’t relent.
  2. Polo wasn’t the first European to travel to Asia.   
  3. Before Marco Polos 2nd expedition to China with his dad and uncle, he barely knew them before (As they were travelling together when he was born).
  4.  6 years after Marco Polo was born (1260) his mother died.
  5. 1300 Marco polo got married to Donata Badoer.
  6. He was only 17 when he first started travelling.
  7. Marco Polo travelled 15,000 miles in the years he was travelling (25.)
  8. He introduced Europe to the concept of paper money.
  9. Polo thought Rhinoceros were unicorns.
  10. There is a species of sheep named after Marco Polo… 
  11.  Christopher Coloumbus was inspired by Polo and even brought a copy of his book on his travels.
  12. Polo was Italian.
  13. Marco Polo stayed in China for 17 years with his Dad and Uncle.
  14. Polo had 3 daughters.
  15. His book was printed in 3 different languages- French, Italian and Latin.

How are Pens Made?

How are pens made and what companies make them? 

3 companies that make pens are… Office Max, Sheaffer and Sharpie


They are either made by using Extrusion or Injection Moulding…


1) There are pellets -ppc- which are put into a large mixer


2) Then they are put into a large machine called the hopper and measured and weighed till their exact weight getting ready for their injection process.


3) After that they travel to a machine where they are melted down and put into their moulds, the process is repeated for the pen caps, clutches, and interior barrel.


4) The nibs -the metal part- is attached to the plastic barrel, the ink refill. Then the ink is attached into the cartridge through the tip and twisted!


5) Now the partly made pens are placed into a machine called Multi-Parameter Testing Machine, and they are tested to see if they work.


6) After moulding, Making and testing, all the parts are put together and inspected and if one isn’t made properly it put aside. Only the best pens can make it through.


And for a little decoration they add stamps to customise the pens…

And thats how pens are made.

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