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What if YOU woke up with a Superpower!!

I have made this Story Board of “What if YOU woke up with a Superpower!!”

I hope you enjoy this as I really like it and I could only do 3 of these little boxes, if I could it would be longer.

Sorry if this is fuzzy. The first one says “HELP!! I’M FLOATING!!” and the second one says “Roarrrrr.”

Smarties investigation for maths.

In maths we have been doing investigations. The first investigation we did was “How much water is in a carrot?” It was very fun. After we did this one which you can see my group and I’s work on the investigation. Next we are doing a paper plane investigation which will be very fun.

For the Smarties we wanted to work out how much of each colour was in a Smarties pack.



We wonder what colour happens the most in a smartie pack?



For our plan we will be investigating What colour happens the most in a Smartie Pack.



  • We will pour the Smarties on the table and sort them into groups of each different colour without eating any! ( So that it does not ruin the Data.) 
  •       Then we put the different colours into a tally chart. ( so that we remember the colours.)
  • Then we will count each group of colour to see which group has the most Smarties of a certain colour.
  • Then we put the number for each different colour into the tally chart. ( So that we see what colour has the most smarties.)
  • Then we see which group has the most smarties.

Data / Chart:


Table of Smartie colours for our group.

Colour Tally Frequency
Orange || 2
Yellow | 1
Green ||| 3
Blue ||| 3
Purple 0 0
Pink 0 0
Brown || 2
Red 0 0


Total 11


Our most common colour are blue and green.

I notice that Green and Blue have the same Frequency with a total of 3 each.

I notice that yellow had the smallest amount of smarties with a total of 1.

I notice that Brown and Orange have the same total with 2 smarties each.




Data for the class.


Colour Frequency
Purple 19
Brown 15
Green 9
Yellow 16
Blue 19
Pink 18
Orange 5
Red 8


Total 109

Our Data Graph:



 In conclusion every one of the smartie packs had a different amount of smarties and smartie colours inside which we would think that they would all have the same amount of smarties. 

Also in conclusion the most amount of smarties we had was Green and Blue with 3 each, while the most common colour in the class is blue and purple with 19 each.

Uniform time

I made some uniforms that if I had a school I would like to have. All of these uniforms are non-binary so you can wear any uniform that you want. These uniforms include a Pants options, Shorts option and a Skirt option.

I tried to make these uniforms as comfy as possible for all of the children.

Here are my uniforms that I made.

Distance Research Card

  1. London to New york.

5,570.48 km

New York was going to originally be called New Amsterdam. 

New Yorkers speak over 800+ languages.

Honking your car horn is illegal (HONK HONK.) 


  1. Bluff to Cape Reinga

2,060.6 km

Cape Reinga means under world in Te Reo.

The pohutukawa tree in Cape Reinga is over 800 years old.

Dogs aren’t allowed in Cape Reinga.


  1. fiji to France

16,811 km

France is the most Visited country in the world.

France had a king… That only lasted 20 minutes.

The French eat over 25,000 tons of snails each year.

Plane as distance is like planes. You can use planes for distance.